Shatta wale ~ LIKES LYRICS

Shatta wale ~ LIKES LYRICS


My guy
I just want you people something
All the things wey dey go on mi I dey see.
Buh I just want you people say
Likes no dey fill account
Comments no dey buy house…
All i want be say make we make money *hissed*.

How you dey feel when you diss me?
You know say I no wrong you…
How you dey feel 
when you dey spread rumors say mi are be sell out…
How you go feel ?
when I tell you say you
You be thief armed robber 
How you go feel?
when I tell you say your mother be prostitute… (You know say all be lies 2×).

My guy make you think twice …

what you dey do me, 
somebody go take do you or your children oooo…
My life be nice,
Yes I be the next on the rice
You dey make me strong every time.
Africa go know and the world go Know say SHATTA WALE his only guy in the light …

I say likes no dey buy house 
                     no dey buy house
I say comments no dey fill account
                                no dey fill account

Only me!
Everybody dey envy Only me
Everybody wan fight only me
Because of the truth Dem dey fight only me..
But I know say one day
Dem go dey remember my name
Dem go dey talk say God dey
Dem go dey remember everything wey I say
But that time go be too late [too late] hmmmmm……

You know say I no wrong You and you diss me…
I reply dont be silly
You alone say you dey mean me
My padi what be your issue?
E be thief for that ooohh
My guy If you no go understand fly go Dubai!
Cos me I just dey live my life
If you envy me then you dey waste your time 
I dey count money like a banker
What you dey ask me I no go answer
No be you wey go make me prosper

I say no be you wey go make me prosper
You dey waste your time.


Taju: tell dem say likes no dey buy house.
Taju: tell dem say comments no dey fill account.
  The thing 
e be we will talk say For life is for life.
some people feel say for life is for likes.

So Larsh make you know say e be money wey wi dey need .

We no want anything e be money 
Make will fee take care our Families and things…. You understand.
tell every fans, every artist make you wise up. [Download]


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‘Mahama Paper’ is not NDC campaign song – Shatta Wale

Chris Koney, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of popular Ghanaian music artiste, Shatta Wale, has debunked rumours that the hit track ‘Mahama Paper’ is NDC’s campaign song.
Rumours about the dancehall king’s affiliation to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) heightened when big shots of the party were seen singing along and dancing to his song when it was played at the NDC campaign launch in Cape Coast on Sunday.
According to the spokesperson of the hottest selling artiste, his client has no affiliation to the ruling party and the song
‘Mahama Paper’ was in no way composed for their campaign for votes in the upcoming general elections for that matter.
Mr Koney explained that patrons at the campaign ground were only doing what usually happens when Shatta Wale’s songs are played during public events.
“As you know, ‘Mahama Paper’ is one of the biggest songs in the country at the moment. When you go out there to weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals and many public events, the song is played. So, I want to believe that it is one of those things,” Chris Koney told AJ Sarpong on Starr FM ’s The Zone.
He added, “But I want to officially state categorically on this platform that Shatta Wale first of all is not a member of the NDC and he is not supporting the NDC.”
Mr Koney has disclosed that team Shatta has been engaged in the promotion of peace during this electioneering period. However, Shatta has not endorsed any political candidate. He vehemently rejected any claim that the hit song ‘Mahama Paper’ is sold to the NDC.
“If you have followed us, we’re actually on a peace campaign. We’ve have been preaching about peace. Shatta Wale has not endorsed any candidate and he is not going to endorse any candidate. And the song is not an NDC campaign song; it has not been sold to the NDC or anything of that sort.”
“I want to believe that just like every other function we’ve witnessed people dancing and singing to Shatta Wale songs, it should be one of those things. However, we would not engage the NDC party with regards to the song to sell or make any commercial gains out of it,” he added.​​