Joke of the day, Pastor & church members Fireeeee!!!!!!!…


Baro went to His Pastor one Hot Monday Night .

Baro: Pastor, the Enemies are after Me!

Pastor: My Son, what is it?

Baro: My Business is going down.

Pastor: Ah! That’s a small issue! Kneel down and let me Pray for you.

Aahhhhh, your business will surely rise Again!

Our church members will buy from you! 

My family will buy from you! I will visit to patronize u soon!

Aahhhhh, the neighbors will buy from you.

Aahhhhh, Say Amen.

Baro: Amennnnnnn ooooooh Pastor!

Thank you very much Pastor.

Pastor: You’re welcome my Son.

By the way, what do you sell? So that I can

announce it on Sundays and Weekdays Services.

Baro: Oh Sir, I make and sell Coffins.

Pastor: Fireeeeee!!!

Nobody will buy from you!!!

I shall not know your shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My family will Never see your Shop!!!

Our members will never buy from you!!!

I Decree and Declare, that your business will run dry

in Jesus Christ Mighty and Most Powerfull Name…….

by G Kinz gbera
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Author: peluboy1

Inspirational,motivational, Entertainment,Business (Do whatever floats your boat, as long as it doesn't sink mine.)

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